I wish I had a cool and authentic backstory, about my Sicilian Nonna beating me with a wooden spoon when I didn’t assemble her Cannoli shells right. I don’t. Truth be told, I’m only part-Italian and have never been to Italy or even the East Coast. I’m simply a guy who loves Cannoli.

Ever since I tried one as a kid, I was hooked, always on the hunt for a Cannolo (non-plural for Cannoli) wherever I moved and lived. I’m Californian born and Washington raised. Worked my way up in several restaurants and food blogged for most of my life. Everything I know and learn from cooking, is from me grinding it out in kitchens and good old fashioned trial/error.

So, why Cannoli? You may ask. Surely, there’s less complicated and more recognizable desserts I could make. Well, take a look around you. Go ahead. Try every search engine; ask around, Google Map it, send out an Amber alert, etc. Try it, I know I did. You won’t find any Cannoli. Anywhere. Not until now. I am providing Bellingham,WA with the noble Cannoli service that it needs.


Never tried a Cannoli?


Take The Cannoli, and you’ll understand why you need it in your life.

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